What you can Expect from this Course (text)

Welcome to the Inward Journey!

Barb and I are so excited to bring this course to you to further your knowledge of yin yoga and enhance your practice, your understanding of fascia and to further your own healing journey along with your students, your patients or clients.

By the end of this course you will:

  1. Have a deep understanding of Yin yoga: its origins, what sets it apart from other yoga practices, and its importance for us as a society as well as for you as an individual.
  2. Understand what fascia and biotensegrity is and why it's important for healing and for yoga.
  3. Experience fascia and fascial-based healing in your own body
  4. Experience yin yoga practiced through a fascial framework
  5. Gain an understanding of trauma responses in the body and why they are important both from a yogic philosophy as well as from a fascial framework.
  6. Investigate the nervous system, stress paradigm, window of tolerance and polyvagal theories and how they relate to yin yoga and myofascial release.
  7. Explore almost 30 Yin poses in depth: anatomical considerations, many modifications and awarenesses to avoid injury
  8. Understand how to put together a yin yoga class using all the senses as well as how to transition through poses and create a cohesive class that your students will love and benefit from.
  9. Practice grounding and breath work to look inward
  10. Explore subtle anatomy through direct experiences of the energy body, the vayues, the koshas, the chakra system and its connection to fascia
  11. Access deeper healing within your body/mind/spirit and new ways of exploring hidden parts of yourself and be able to incorporate some of these practices in your yoga and classes.
  12. Own a comprehensive manual as a reference for much of the material above along with colour photos and descriptions of each yin yoga posture.

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